The world without Hungarians

You may have heard of the country named Hungary. You may have even been there. You may even know a Hungarian person. But did you know that Hungarians have had a lot to offer to the world?

Let’s see what the world would be like without Hungarians.

1) A world without Hungarians – A world without ballpoint pens

Did you know that the man who invented the ballpoint pen was Hungarian? His name was László Bíró and he wanted to create a pen that was easier to use than fountain pens. If he had not existed, I wonder what we would write with nowadays.

Hungarians – ballpoint pens

2) A world without Hungarians – A world with less healthy people

Do you know what Albert Szent-Györgyi is famous of? He was the doctor who discovered vitamin C. Without him, we probably wouldn’t know so well how we can strengthen our immune system.

Hungarians – vitamin c – lemon

3) A world without Hungarians – A world without the word ‘coach’

Well, this one is not entirely true. We may still have the word ‘coach‘ since it has two meanings. But we would not call long distance buses coaches. The word ‘coach’ comes from the name of a Hungarian town ‘Kocs’. Kocs is the town where a fast light four-wheeled carriage was invented, which later spread across Europe. The Spanish and Portuguese word ‘coche’, the German word ‘Kutsche’ and the Czech word ‘koč’ also derive from the word ‘Kocs’. The Hungarian word ‘kocsi’ literally ‘of Kocs’ means ‘car’ in Hungarian.

Hungarians – coach

4) A world without Hungarians – A world without Rubik’s Cubes

Well, you may say that it wouldn’t be such a huge loss, but that’s only because you probably don’t know how to solve it. Once you learn how to solve it, you will realise how enjoyable and fun this toy is.

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