Something for everyone as TradFest celebrates capital’s many cultures

TRADFEST brings something slightly different to Edinburgh’s festival calendar. Most traditional folk festivals tend to focus on music, but TradFest celebrates storytelling, dance, folk drama, folk film, walking tours and the local environment, as well as wonderful folk music of course! We are also celebrating Edinburgh as a place and highlighting different aspects of the life and cultures of the city.

This is the festival’s fifth year. From a modest pilot in 2013 it has expanded to include more than 130 events, partly curated by the TradFest team and partly curated by the many organisations and performers who participate and create traditional arts in Edinburgh year-round. Taking over where the Ceilidh Culture festival left off, we wanted to ensure TradFest wasn’t just a listing of events, but a genuine, dynamic festival experience grounded in the city’s environments, people and cultures.

Running over 12 days from Wednesday, April 26, TradFest is timed to mark the official start of summer, and encompasses the Beltane Fire Festival, as well as the annual May Day celebrations.

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