Hungarikum – Falconry as living human heritage

Falconry as living human heritage

Links between falconry and Hungarians’ ancestors date back several thousands of years; the practice is part of Hungarian consciousness and has been present throughout our entire history. Many depictions, written records, sculptures and monuments bear witness to a thriving culture of falconry in Hungary. Falconry is the traditional practice of keeping and training falcons to take quarry. It also involves a lifestyle and community life focusing on the discipline; it requires a love of birds of prey and of nature, a knowledge of hunting, training, breeding and raising predatory birds, of making and using traditional falconry equipment, the promotion of traditions, mentoring and teaching. Falconry is passed on as a cultural tradition through a variety of means, including mentoring, learning within families and formalised training in clubs. In December 2012 it was added to UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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