IV. Hungarian Culture Days – Literature/History Corner with Demczik Norbert

Saturday (19th September) – Literature Corner
Time: 16:00 – 19:00
Venue: Hungarian Embassy

Scheduled program:

The poem Óda (Ode) by Attila József is recited by
Kata Varnyú followed by an appreciation of the poem by Dr. Tamás Kabdebó.

Question opportunity at the end. Should the question time progress into a literary discussion the following half an hour break will allow sufficient time for it. Also in the break we serve finger food and beverages that you can share over a casual chat with other attendees of the cultural days.

After the break

Lecture of Mátyás Rákosi by Dr. Balázs Apor.
Afterwards Réka Fenercz’s recitation of some poems from the infamous anthology glorifying Rákosi.



We would like to close the presentation similarly to the first break.


Literature/History Corner