The New Dubliners

The New Dubliners is a collection of short, non-fiction stories about foreigners living in Dublin. They have been compiled by one of the new Dubliners and aim at showing the real life of the non-Irish living in the capital of Ireland.

All the stories posted on are part of a bigger collection of short stories that will soon be published as a book.

Same as today…

Although it still rains, Dora decides to walk – she needs some fresh air and a bit of solitude. The streets are busy with cars splashing water on those who dare to venture too close to the edge of the footpath, as well as with the early-lunch crowds graciously jumping over the numerous pools of water, and swirling their umbrellas as if in some bizarre dance show. But Dora walks unaffected by all the swarm and bustle, looking up at the massive, incredibly green and dripping wet trees that branch out over the fence of Merrion Square Park, taking deep breaths of the warm, early autumn air, and meditating on how her feelings are now a perfect reflection of the aura that surrounds her.

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