The magic of silk painting


Judit Szotak

artist, silk painting

Kinsale, Ireland

I was introduced to the magic of silk painting in 2006 by a good friend and locally renowned artist in Hungary, and I have been a hobby silk painter ever since. My work has been described as promising by some who have keen eyes for creative arts and I greatly appreciate their positive feedback and encouragement.

I truly love each and every piece of my art and I am the happiest when I’m in touch with the creative part of myself, holding a brush.
My paintings reflect my feelings, the actual image always starts emerging from a combination of feelings of a given moment.
I would rather leave the image up to individual interpretation, the power lies with the spectator and their imagination.
I’m also a great admirer of the unique and inspiring artwork of Miro and Dali.

Since I’ve changed scenery and moved to Dublin, my focus has shifted to my newborn dual vision and i hope the images will be able to capture and integrate my feelings about the old and new world.
I’m determined to become more familiar with the work of Irish silk painting artists and i hope that a better understanding of English will give me the chance soon to become a member of the local creative community and take part in exhibitions too.