Tastes of Home: What Hungarians Always Take with Them from Hungary

Tastes of Home: What Hungarians Living Abroad Always Take with Them from Hungary

There’s no taste like home! In this article, writers for the website HelloMagyarok! who live outside of Hungary discuss the Hungarian products they swear by, that they buy whenever they come home to visit.

Niki Pataki—Hong Kong

I mainly tend to bring cheese back with me from Hungary. In Hong Kong, where we live, one kilogram of cheese will run you between twelve and twenty thousand forint (approximately 40 to 65 euros), and on top of this the selection is rather limited. In my suitcase, alongside Sport chocolate candy bars and Erős Pista (a Hungarian hot-pepper sauce), most of the space is taken up by my 10-kilogram shipment of cheese.

Barbara Békési—The Netherlands

Even though I always try to travel with as small a suitcase as possible, these two items always seem to make it in. From time to time a kakaós csiga (chocolate pastry spiral) joins them, or possibly a batch of my mom’s homemade oatmeal cookies.

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