Ceremony of the Fires 2016

The Hill of Uisneach in Co. Westmeath, the exact centre point of Ireland and one of Ireland’s most significant spiritual and heritage sites. With special guests, traditional music, storytelling, dancing, fire and more.

On Friday the 6th of May we brought you the Bealtaine Fire Ceremony Live

The 2016 event focused on the lighting of the ceremonial fires and due to the unprecedented wet spring and the sensitive nature of the sacred site at Uisneach we’ve quickly reached the limit for attendees at this years Bealtaine fire ceremony. Many many thanks for the huge interest from all corners of Ireland & beyond! We thank all who attended and watched our ceremony proceeding here online.

Bealtaine Fire Ceremony

Uisneach was said to be the home of the sovereignty goddess, Ériu,after whom Ireland is named. Ériu, according to legend, rests under the Catstone.


At the start of Bealtaine (May time), a fire was lit on Uisneach to celebrate the coming of summer. The lighting of the Uisneach fire was the signal for igniting fires on many hills across the whole island creating a unique, fire eye, with the Uisneach fire being the pupil.

More information: http://uisneach.ie