The story of the beginning

Culture Bridge - beginning

Let me take the opportunity to introduce my dear friend, Beatrix Fekete.  She is a great and ambitious artist with a tip of healthy timidity and the urge to improve her knowledge to the perfection.

As a good friend, last year I helped and encourage her to organize her first exhibition on a pleasant Sunday in December. We managed to create a lovely atmosphere in the Cellar Bar in Pacino’s Bar and Restaurant and  Beatrix invited her close family and friends. Successfully around 50 people turned up. Her work really amused people and she got lots of appreciation.

As Beatrix got her wings started showing her art, she thought she would like to try to hold her exhibition in a nice Gallery this time, close to her Birthday. Holding an exhibition requires some investment so she thought she would invite one or two young artist to join her.  It was a perfect idea and THE IDEA that started everything.

She invited me to discover a Gallery she investigated. This place happened to be just a perfect location and that is where everything just started to roll.

A lovely girl at the reception gave the information, we can try to ask some found from the Hungarian Embassy.   So we did and the meantime the idea of the exhibition became a subject of serving an even higher cause.

Let us show our Hungarian identity and our colourful culture to the people in Dublin, highlighting the works of a couple of young and great artists.

We should believe that our culture is unique in a way that other cultures are and people are open and curious all around the World to experience new things and learn from each other.

Since then we have been experiencing great support and so many people are offering their help. It will give an extra spice to the event that each person who offered to participate will add their own flavour.

So many thanks for the volunteers.

There is another fact that gives us uniqueness and it is the TIME.

It all started on the 21st of August, as you read the’ history’ above, we did not have much time to think so we jump into and started organizing the exhibition. Than more artists wanted to join and with their support we could start building up our budget. More and more ideas came up to display our culture. Right after that the event of the Hungarian Culture Days was born.

Our first step after was to write to the Embassy and they assured us for their support.

We believe the organized programs will make people turn up on purpose not only see the exhibitions but participate some of the activities which will give an extra reason and joy to visit. Couple of our great friends offered to help us to make some boards and chose from the five enhanced topics we picked from our culture. It is not the end yet.

Another idea started to rise. Let us invite the Hungarian businesses to support the Hungarian culture. In this way they will get a good reputation and will be presented in a directory, which has not been found anywhere else yet. This way we can further increase our tiny budget to support all the activities and programs we plan to hold.

On the way another scene came up, which is a charity place, so considering our budget we chose to hold the event in Excange Dublin. This way we help the centre and hope we can organize a well publishable event which will give them popularity as well. Of course  it gives us an extra feel-good factor.

Great ideas, very little time.

What can we do? Just do our BEST and get the MOST out of it.

There is no impossible only powerlessness, if you know what I mean.

I hope I could give you a little excitement and the willingness to participate in the event with us at the Hungarian Culture Days.

Kind regards,
Andrea Nagy