SSFF& ASIA 2016 Film Festival Academy Awards

Hungarian film wins “Asian Oscar” at international short film festival.

ShortShorts is a qualifying Film Festival for the annual Academy Awards. The Award Ceremony for SSFF& ASIA 2016 was held on the 13th of June at Meiji-Jingu Kaikan (Shibuyaku, Tokyo, Japan). The festival’s highest honor, the Grand Prix, was awarded to Hungarian film “Sing” made by Kristóf Deák. The 24-minute drama was made in 2015 by the Hungarian director.

Kristóf Deák’s short “Sing” is a Whiplash-like short about an elementary school chorus & the new girl who is confronted by the ambitious choir master. Quiet 10-year-old Zsófi has just changed schools. Feeling out of place at first, she is quickly admitted to the school’s famous choir and befriends her popular classmate Liza. Soon, they have to stand up united against their choir master,who isn’t quite the friendly and inspirational teacher they first thought she was.

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