Hungarian Culture Days invites everyone to explore, discover and participate in arts, gastronomy and different European folk dances.

Let us celebrate together with our friends of other nations! See and try some fantastic traditional steps of Hungarian, Italian, Slovak, Bulgarian, Polish and Irish dances.

Culture Night is an annual all-island public event that celebrates culture, creativity and the arts. On Culture Night many cultural organizations makes unique events, programs and workshops.

Culture Night reminds us all about the cultural resources and our organization considers it’s important to pay attention to the mutual acceptance and cooperation between nations that is the intensification of solidary attitude. Therefore, the Cultural Bridge organization creates opportunity for this night for everybody to gain common experience and to get to know and understand the values of one another.

Our plan is to do this by organizing an International Folk Dance Workshop so everybody can learn dances from a variety of world cultures. Broaden your dance experience socially, culturally, and by performing dances meet with new people and get new friends! Whether you have been dancing before or this is your first time you will enjoy this truly unique and memorable experience.

Friday September 22, and location to be confirmed later.