Hungarian play huge hit in Paris

C’est Magnifique! Hungarian play huge hit Paris

A Hungarian play, The Boy Transformed into a Stag (A szarvassá változott fiú), has achieved great success at the world-renowned Festival de L’Imaginaire, one of Europe’s most important art and theatre festivals. The play was directed by Attila Vidnyánszky, current head of the Hungarian National Theatre, and was shown in Paris as part of the 20th Festival de L’Imaginaire on Monday, November 28th.

The Boy Transformed into a Stag is a co-production of the Hungarian National Theatre and the Gyula Illyés Theatre of Beregszász, located in the Hungarian-speaking region of Western Ukraine known as Transcarpathia. It is based on a surrealist poem by Hungarian poet Ferenc Juhász, and is currently a part of the official repertoire of the National Theatre.

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