Hungarian Photographers in Focus

Hungarian Photographers in Focus

“Echoes” has a very impressive line-up of photographers, among them, Brassaï, Éva Szombat, André Kertész, Robert Capa, Ákos Czigány, and András Bánkuti. Czigány pays homage to artist Hiroshi Sugimoto by shooting upward views while standing in Budapest courtyards. Anikó Robitz, with his architectural close-ups, takes abstraction even further than Moholy-Nagy. And Milán Rácmolnár, in his 2013 “Capa Corrupted #3,” has restaged Robert Capa’s iconic D-Day photograph using actors and digital filters to reflect on both the omnipresence of conflict and the power of technology to corrupt reporting about that conflict through manipulation of images.


Robert Capa


Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

Andre Kertesz

Endre Tot


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