Festival celebrates traditional Irish music, dance and culture

About 20 workshops including ones in jigs, fiddling and Celtic knots were offered Saturday at the Sean-Nós Northwest Irish Festival at The Evergreen State College in Olympia.

In its 10th year, the festival continues through Sunday and is open to the public. A single-day pass costs $60 and includes admission to four workshops, along with tea and treats.

“There is no other festival that focuses on Gaeilge (Irish) language, Gaeilge singing and the old style of dance — that’s the highlight,” said SeánWilliams, president of the Irish Cultural Society of the Pacific Northwest, which sponsors the festival. “Most of the (other) Irish festivals are about stage competitions.”

About 100 people attended Saturday’s workshops, which included numerous music, dance and art classes along with an introduction to the Gaeilge language and an Irish cooking demonstration.

And here: http://www.seannos.org