Dublin Street Art

Dublin Traffic Light Box Artwork on Capel Street symbolizes a bookshelf. With 2 famous Hungarian books such as Geza Gardonyi : Egri Csillagok (Eclipse of the Crescent Moon) and Ferenc Molnar: A Pal utcai fiuk( The Paul street boys)
 The Paul street boys ( Pal utcai fiuk) is a youth novel by Hungarian writer Ferenc Molnar. The book was first published in 1906 and has since became the most famous Hungarian novel. It has been translated into many languages and in several countries it is mandatory or recommended reading in schools. The novel is about schoolboys who defend their playground -‘the grund’ from the ‘redsirts’ a team of other boys who want to occupy it. The heroes of the story Erno Nemecsek, Boka, Feri Ats symbolize different kinds of human characters. Erno Nemecsek who died for the ‘grund’, is now ranked among the eternal heroes of youth literature, such as Oliver Twist or Tom Savyer.

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