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The Hungarian Culture Days is an  annual culture festival, based in Dublin, organised by volunteers.

The Festival is a celebration of all things Hungarian.

Our aim with this event is a cultural exchange and to build a strong community spirit. It is also to provide a platform for emerging Hungarian talents. Last year 15 artists including visual artists and photographers exhibited their work at the festival. This year 3 more performers and an Irish guest musician are also joining our team.

The programme for this year includes an art exhibition entitled ‘Our Roots’ and photographs with cultural information on Hungary will be also on display. There will also be folk dance performances and folk dance workshops for happy feet; music; interactive talks in relation to our traditions; and art and crafts activities for families (feltmaking, weaving, face painting).

The Hungarian Culture Days as a non-profit organisation is seeking 1,500 euro funding to cover the expenses of the Festival such as venue, marketing, printed materials and Hungarian food tasting. All contributions large or small will be greatly appreciated and acknowledged.    (AIB,  Hungarian Culture Days,  Acc: 50191072  Sort:93-10-47)

Thank you for your attention and support!

We are looking forward to seeing you all in the Culture Box on the 24th October 2013 at the opening of the Hungarian Culture Days Festival!

From the Hungarian Culture Days Team